Guy Anderson
Train, train, train to survive and prosper in challenging times!
by QED Learning - Monday, 22 June 2009, 5:10 PM
There is no doubt that the current economic climate continues to be challenging for just about every commercial business and public sector organisation in the UK. No surprise then that we are seeing a plethora of articles highlighting the crucial role excellent customer service plays in enabling businesses to survive and prosper in difficult times. Holding on to customers and keeping them happy is the name of the game.

The big question facing many organisations now is how to maintain and improve high levels of customer service and business efficiency and ultimately profitability, when they have had to let people go. Managing the affect on staff moral due to a reduction in resources and increased workload can also be an issue.

Of course improved customer service and good quality training and development for all staff go hand in hand and should include every single person in the business, not just front line staff but managers too.

Even well trained efficient staff need top-up training from time to time to sharpen their skills and remind them of the key principles of excellent customer service. Managers need to continuously enhance, update and fine tune their ‘people development skills’ to get the most from their staff thus enabling them to ensure that they deliver the best service, retain existing customers and attract new ones. E-learning continues to provide a popular cost-effective solution for development delivered either as stand alone packages or as part of blended learning solutions.

Funding for training has recently been subject to much media coverage with the government seemingly cutting some training monies and increasing others as a result of overspent budgets! The picture remains sketchy and confusing and our recommendation is to talk to the key people at (LSC, Train to Gain and Business Link) in your own local area for the latest news and funding offers.

We are keen to hear your views and for you to share your thoughts on the drive for improved customer service linked to people development….. Let us know what you think and perhaps what mechanisms you have in place to cope in these challenging times!

Julia Miles